Monday, February 18, 2008

back in sderot

Returned to sderot,after a 5 weeks absence in Haifa,kept in touch by all the kassamim falling and causing much damage and woe to many families,thankfully not mine.I was welcomed by a zevah adom ,but thank you hashem,it was a false alarm.Every one who is jewish in the world is now looking over their shoulder in case there will be an attack after the bombing of his vehicle,which in my opinion did not happen soon enough and should have taken a few others with him.I will not give" it "the dignity of even mentioning its name.The only way to stop all this is really by taking out the inflamatory leaders,one by one and "thy will be done".So far a quiet day here and cool ,but not cold.Sun is out and that helps the day feel warmer.The mood in the city is business,where possible,as usual.When we drove in yesterday,sunday,all was regular,the shuk busy and people walking around as usual,my daughter commented on that a s she had expected the streets to be empty,but not here,the kassamim are a daily part of life ,and we must live to the utmost and get on with things needed to do.This is basically the way I feel ,you cannot live in Sderot,walking around, feeling like the next victim for the kassam to fall upon.I wish everyone felt this way,it makes it a lot easier to cope.goodbye for today

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