Tuesday, January 1, 2008

notes from a canadian sabta in sderot

Started my diary after having lived here for close to a year.Dec.18th2007,met,at my house,2 young dedicated people,who have the interests of the beleagured people of the city of sderot,on their minds and in their hearts,always,they eat,sleep and drink in the essence of our city.They are called Noam Bedine and his intern Einav,both are young ,enthusiastic,non political persons.Their main goal and only at this time is to get the general public ,to be aware,of the problems confronting us here in sderot.
I am a semi reired sabta(grandma) of 6--2 of which live in sderot,who came on aliyah to this beautiful,small town,to be near my family.I had visited here on my yearly visits to my daughters and knew the city and what problems it faced,but that did not bother me ,as I had my goals in mind and that was family,nothing would deter me from living where I wanted to in Israel!! No quassamim nor rockets would stop me. I take things in my stride and as we say here "ein Brarah".This is my home,and where I plan on living,come hell or high water.
Noam Bedines baby is sderot media center,for sderot and the western negev,all hot places,in more ways then one.He lives here too ,to get the feel of the happenings here.One must live in the place to really feel what is occuring there.He wants the world to know of us and our plight,not any less then our unfriendly neighbours plight,which has more light shed on them then us.We are forgotten in the wide world of sensation and politics.
I feel ,and I am not a religious woman,that sderot is surely proteced by hashem,I am a believer in his powers,for many miracles have occured here.

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